baby sleeping in a bed under a knitted baby blanket in blue
blue knitted baby blanket spread open on the floor
detail of a knitted baby blanket in blue hanging on a basket
car seat with a baby inside wrpaped in a knitted blue baby blanket in
icons for how to use a baby blanket
a folded blue baby blanket in a knitted waffle patter
three knitted baby blanket rolled up in the floor
wallaboo logo knitted into a knitted baby blanket in blue
logo of bio cotton
rolled up knitte blue baby blanket
detail of wallaboo logo on a knitted baby  blanket in blue
pile of 4 colours knitted baby blankets

Knitted baby blanket with fine waffle structure in blue

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Organic cotton multi-use baby blanket: use as a night-time cover, swaddle wrap, or for swaddling. Rectangle-shaped throw blanket for newborn baby.

Product details

  • For newborn and up
  • Rectangle design: 70 x 90 cm
  • Thin organic cotton knitted in a waffle structure 


  • Organic cotton is GOTS certified (Global Organic Textil Standard)
  • Made in Germany
  • Wallaboo is an original brand from The Netherlands


  • Machine wash 30 according to instructions on care label. Lay flat to dry.