Our mission is to create a warm and loving place for baby's. We have a collection of baby products that are soft and warm and always easy to use. Based in Utrecht, The Netherlands, Wallaboo is designed by a team of mothers.

Wallaboo is a brand with a Dutch heritage. Wallaboo was created in Netherlands in 2006 as a gift for a newborn baby. Cut by hand and sewn, the first product was a warm suede blanket. Handcraftmanship is something we at Wallaboo hold dear to our heart. Our authentic products have been spreading around the globe, making babies feel loved and moms and dads feel happy. Wallaboo is sold in more than 20 countries around the globe.

Our brand is now represented in a wide variety of products for babies ranging from baby slings to baby blankets, changing bags to baby first aid kits. Soft and warm products that Keep baby warm and protected while at home or on the go.

Why Parents love using Wallaboo…..

  • Smart products that make travel simple and comfortable.
  • Offering convenience and functionality while on the go.
  • Designed to last with lots of attention to details.
  • With super soft fabrics your baby will love.
  • Our products and fabrics are tested on the highest safety standards.
  • Made without harmfull chemicals and other toxins.
  • Manufactured with respect for people and the environment.

The name, Wallaboo, we took from the Wallaby, a small Australian Kangaroo. The baby Wallaby sits warm, cosy and protected in the mother's pouch. This is the image we use when developing our products.

I hope you love using our baby products as much as we enjoy making them for you.

José Kok

Founder and CEO